Happy Birthday Balloons! Happy Birthday Capricorn! Happy Birthday Balloons!

(December 22 - January 20)    Special Color: Dark Green and Brown - Ruling Planet: Saturn

Capricorn Capricorn Symbol You can move forward with confidence, if you stay in a positive life path, you will prosper. Romance, artistry, or a sixth sense allows you to find special meaning or inspiration in events. Make a fresh start.

Aquarius Aquarius Symbol You can go on a retreat, rest, or get in touch with the spiritual side of your nature. Review your recent actions, successes, or failures; time to assess your life.

Pisces Pisces Symbol You can start pursuing goals more actively; now is the time to make sound, practical plans for the future. Enjoy life and express yourself through love, the arts, hobbies, entertaining.

Aries Aries Symbol You can make headway in your work or specialty. Just successfully complete jobs that showcase your unique abilities and talents. Be respectful toward people in authority, don't initiate an confrontations.

Taurus Taurus Symbol You have an urge to discover the truth and perhaps change things for the better. You take an intense interest in other cultures, different religions, philosophies, and exploring new ideas.

Gemini Gemini Symbol You may be concerned about finances, joint accounts, sex, inheritances, retirement needs, or life and death matters. If you're in a committed relationship, keep informed about your partner's income / spending.

Cancer Cancer Symbol Emphasis is on marriage and business partnerships, you are intuitive about their needs and feelings. Be sensitive if your needs clash with those of your partnerships, compromise helps alleviate tension.

Leo Leo Symbol You may have to contend with a heavy workload or tedious obligations, coworkers could be difficult. Strive for harmony and balance with associates on the job. Health matters need reviewing.

Virgo Virgo Symbol You're in your pleasure zone, which gives you energy and ignites your physical appetities. Creativity is at a high point. Expressing yourself through love, games, creative work, the arts, entertaining.

Libra Libra Symbol Focusing on household needs and family life, you can enjoy your home along with relaxing there with your family. An excellent time to plan a family reunion, or entertaining friends.

Scorpio Scorpio Symbol Gather useful facts and do other mental work. Take the time to check the facts so that you don't make mistakes while making your point in conversations, documnents, and presentations.

Sagittarius Sagittarius Symbol You are in your money zone, you can organize your finances and work on budgets. If you really make an effort, you may find new sources of income, emotional support.

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