Happy Birthday Balloons! Happy Birthday Aries! Happy Birthday Balloons!

(March 21 - April 20)    Special Color: Red - Ruling Planet: Mars

Aries Aries Symbol You are in the spotlight and will likely think mainly of yourself and things affecting you during this time, as you should. Appearance, behavior, and approach are important when meeting people. An independent person with leadership abilities.

Taurus Taurus Symbol A time for privacy and quiet time, so you can meditate and reflect on past errors and accomplishments, helping you to move forward, with a deeper spiritual understanding of yourself.

Gemini Gemini Symbol Socially popular, able to attract and keep friends. You have high goals in life which you benefit through their faith and support. Creative thinking at ways to achieve your goals.

Cancer Cancer Symbol Your career is the main headline, and a good professional reputation plays a role in earnings. A sudden or unexpected business or economic upset, challenge or struggle requires quick action.

Leo Leo Symbol You have a strong urge to travel, enjoy seeing new places and exploring new ideas, which will expand all your horizons. You are independent in thought, and open to change.

Virgo Virgo Symbol You are philosophical and have deep insights; you strive for self improvement. Finances could be unsettled, delve into your debts, joint accounts, taxes, insurance policies. Learning money management could help.

Libra Libra Symbol Vitalizing partnerships, whether marriage or business, successful in both, and are likely to gain power and prestige through both. Avoid misunderstandings, you are a natural peacemaker, look for balance, harmony.

Scorpio Scorpio Symbol Focusing on work, health, and service, where authoritative figures take note and are impressed with your good work ethic. A talent for organization, able to think of new work methods.

Sagittarius Sagittarius Symbol Recreation, entertainments, and creativity thrive; a yearly personal pleasure peak, enjoy! Playful love may be among the goodies with a lover, children will bring you much happiness. Fun recharges you.

Capricorn Capricorn Symbol Focusing on the home and family. There's always something to be done; repairing, constructing, playing, entertaining. Might think of setting up a home office. Look for exciting events at home.

Aquarius Aquarius Symbol A good time for studying and teaching, your mind will be sharp, information more easily retained. In your sector of communication, information, and ideas, publishing and writing, and local activities

Pisces Pisces Symbol Money zone, organizing finances and working on budgets. You may have high expenses, but if you make a real effort, you should be able to find new sources of income.

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