Happy Birthday Balloons! Happy Birthday Leo! Happy Birthday Balloons!

(July 23 - August 22)    Special Color: Gold and Orange - Ruling Planet: Sun

Leo Leo Symbol Your personal approach and appearance are especially important now. You will want more control over your surroundings. People who meet you may view you as capable, energetic, sexy, assertive or pushy, depending on your behavior and appearance.

Virgo Virgo Symbol Attention is on your secrets, fears, private life, and the past. Encouraging you to fulfill spiritual needs, learn from your past mistakes. Energy may be low, get plenty of rest.

Libra Libra Symbol Relax with friends, an excellent time for socializing, go out and mingle; pursue your dreams! Build a network of mentors or associates who can help you to achieve your goals.

Scorpio Scorpio Symbol Emphasis on career or business. Make headway in your work or specialty if you successfully complete jobs that showcase your unique abilities. Be respectful toward others having power over you.

Sagittarius Sagittarius Symbol Look for fresh perspectives through study, reading, travel, cultural activities, or talking to wise people. In-Laws, education, foreigners, legal matters, jury duty, or distant associates may keep you busy.

Capricorn Capricorn Symbol Finances, joint accounts, sex, legacies, or life or death matters may receive attention. If you're in a relationship, keep informed about the other person's income and spending. Pay off debts.

Aquarius Aquarius Symbol Focusing on marriage and business relationships. Be sensitive to the needs and feelings of loved ones and associates. If a conflict arises, a compromise and understanding could alleviate the tension.

Pisces Pisces Symbol Thinking about work and health needs. You may have to contend with a heavy workload or tedious obligations. Pride is an important factor on the job; treat everyone with respect.

Aries Aries Symbol Signaling you a start of a good time for having reunions or family outings; enjoying life to the fullest! Creativity is at a high point, able to express yourself effectively.

Taurus Taurus Symbol You can entertain friends or loved ones at your home or taking care of family or visitors, or trying to resolve personal problems when your needs clash with family / friends.

Gemini Gemini Symbol You have an active, creative mind and need to communicate your ideas, eager to make your point in conversations and documents. Check the facts, so you don't make any mistakes.

Cancer Cancer Symbol Time to organize your accounts and work on budgets. You may have high expenses, but if you make an effort, you may find new sources of income or emotional support.

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