Happy Birthday Balloons! Happy Birthday Libra! Happy Birthday Balloons!

(September 24 - October 23)    Special Color: Blue and Lavender - Ruling Planet: Venus

Libra Libra Symbol You are imaginative in the way you express yourself and intuitive about other people, an independent person with leadership abilities. Your appearance is important to you and you have the charming social manners to help promote yourself.

Scorpio Scorpio Symbol Inviting you to slow down and get in touch with your spiritual side. You can do this through rest, meditation, yoga, then you'll be able to plan your next move.

Sagittarius Sagittarius Symbol This is a good time to meet new people, connect with friends, and do group activities. Build a network of mentors/associates who can help you to achieve your goals.

Capricorn Capricorn Symbol Your reputation and your role in life are emphasized. You can be particularly charming at work or in public life which can only help you successfully advance your career.

Aquarius Aquarius Symbol Your beliefs and education are emphasized, seeing new places and exploring new ideas which may include adventures. Looking for fresh perspectives through study, reading, travel, cultural activities, or wise people.

Pisces Pisces Symbol You may be concerned about finances, joint accounts, sex, surgery, legacies, retirement issues, and the life and death matters. Keep informed about your partner's income and spending. Learn money management.

Aries Aries Symbol There could be tension in your relationships, whether emotional or business. You may have needs that clash with those of people close to you. If conflict arises, compromising may help.

Taurus Taurus Symbol You may have to contend with a heavy workload or tedious obligations, coworkers may be difficult. Strive for harmony and good relationships with associates on the job. Watch your health.

Gemini Gemini Symbol Your creative and physical appetites are at a high point. You are energetic and creative, fond of pleasure and good living. Interests are in art, theatre, sports, being with people.

Cancer Cancer Symbol Your home is a busy place. You may be doing work brought home from a job, taking care of a family, or visitor, or just trying to resolve personal problems.

Leo Leo Symbol You are very magnetic and appealing, can easily express your feelings in both speech and writing. Do check the facts so that you don't make mistakes while communicating your ideas.

Virgo Virgo Symbol You're in your money zone, you can look for new sources of income or emotional support. you have a quick mind for financial opportunities. Visionary about new money making ideas.

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