Happy Birthday Balloons! Happy Birthday Cancer! Happy Birthday Balloons!

(June 22 - July 22)    Special Color: Sea Green and Silver - Ruling Planet: Moon

Cancer Cancer Symbol Emphasis is on your approach to life and your appearance. You are eager to achieve, want to control your surroundings. People who meet you may view you as capable, energetic, sexy, assertive or pushy. Promote your abilities/ interests.

Leo Leo Symbol Drawing attention to your secrets, fears, private life, and past. You can enjoy quiet activities, conduct confidential research, have secret affairs, go on a retreat, or plan your next move.

Virgo Virgo Symbol You have the energy to pursue goals, whether personal or business. You can be as socially active as you want, a great time to relax with friends, do group activities.

Libra Libra Symbol You can make headway at work or in your specialty. Complete jobs successfully and showcase your unique abilities. Be respectful toward the higher ups who have the power over you.

Scorpio Scorpio Symbol You can gain fresh perspectives through study, travel, cultural activities, or talking to wise people who can help you gain further knowledge. You enjoy seeing new places, exploring new ideas.

Sagittarius Sagittarius Symbol Finances, joint accounts, sex, surgery, legacies, or life and death matters may hold your attention. Learn money management, pay off debts. Stay informed with joint accounts as to their spending.

Capricorn Capricorn Symbol You can work on relationships whether emotional or business. Be sensitive to the needs and feelings of loved ones, associates. If conflicts arise in alliances, a compromise may alleviate tensions.

Aquarius Aquarius Symbol You may have a heavy workload or tedious obligations, initiate new work methods, use your talent for organization. Your immune system may be weak, take care of yourself, (diet, exercise).

Pisces Pisces Symbol You are in your pleasure zone, which fuels your physical appetites. Creativity is at a high point. Expressing yourself through love, sewing, cooking, creative work, the arts, games, or entertaining.

Aries Aries Symbol You will be busy at home, perhaps doing work brought home from the job, taking care of family or visitors, or trying to resolve personal problems. Plan some family outings.

Taurus Taurus Symbol In your communication zone, most eager to make your point in conversations and documents. Take your time and verify facts so that you don't make mistakes. Keep an open mind.

Gemini Gemini Symbol Organize your accounts and start to work on budgets. You may have unusually high expenses, but if you make an effort, you may find new sources of financial, emotional support.

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