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Aquaworld Zoo hopes you enjoy our links to learn about all of our sea life animals,  I added information about our oceans also. They will be listed in alphabetical order with names we are all familiar with.
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NOAA Grants Endangered Species Status to Black Abalone
Facts About Abalone
Invertebrates of Interest: Abalone
Abalone at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Anchovy - Wikipedia
Anchovy Britannica.com
Anchovy - JRank Articles
Anchoviella balboae ~ ARKive
Northern Anchovy ~ Monterey Bay Aquarium
Anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) ~ Fisheries
Bay Anchovy - Chesapeake Bay Program

Great Barracuda, Sphyraena Barracuda
Barracuda | Maldives Marine Life
Barracuda, 18 species of predaceous marine fish. WARNING: Fierce creature!

Beautiful Photo's of Barnacles
California Tidepools: High Tide Zone
MarLIN - The Marine Life Information Network
Barnacles - Life on Australian Seashores
Barnacle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bat Rays:
Description Bat Ray - Myliobatis californica
Bat Ray, Myliobatis californica at MarineBio.org
Bat Ray Photos and Fish Species Information
Bat ray, Sandy Seafloor, Fishes, Myliobatis californica at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Dananananananana BAT RAY | The Fisheries Blog
Bat ray - Wikipedia

Butterfly Fish:
Butterfly Fish Facts - National Geographic
Butterfly Fish Facts
Butterfly Fish (Chaetodontidae) - Animals - A-Z Animals
Butterflyfish - Wikipedia
Saltwater Butterflyfish Species Family: Chaetodontidae
Butterfly Fish Facts
Here are a Few Fascinating Facts About the Adorable Butterflyfish
Threadfin butterflyfish - Chaetodon Auriga
Butterfly Fish Facts ~ Adda
Chaetodon capistratus :: Florida Museum of Natural History

Clam-Enchanted Learning Software
Diving Cairns - Marine Life Of The Great Barrier Reef - Molluscs
Champion Clams Of Florida
Clam - Wikipedia
Clam Dissection
Clam Biology | Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Pacific Region
Giant Clams, Giant Clam Pictures, Giant Clam Facts - National Geographic
Giant Clam (Tridacna Gigas) - Animals - A-Z Animals
Giant clam - Wikipedia

Amphiprioninae - Wikipedia
Facts About Clownfish
Clownfish Facts
Clown Fish (Amphiprioninae) - Animals - A-Z Animals
Fun Clownfish Facts for Kids
Clown Anemonefish Facts - National Geographic
Clown Fish Facts ~ Finding Nemo
Clownfish - Animal Facts and Information
Clownfish, Fish Guides for Clown Fish Species

Cod Facts
Cod - Wikipedia
Cod Facts, All About the Codfish
Cod Fish Facts ~ Cod Farms
Atlantic Cod Facts - Gadus morhua - ARKive
Cod ~ WWF
Cod (Gadus morhua) ~ Fisheries
Fish Facts: Black cod - Fishing World
Sablefish (Black Cod)

Coelacanth:          (No familiar name)
Coelacanths, Latimeria chalumnae at MarineBio.org
Virginia Institute of Marine Science - Coelacanth
Coelacanth - Wikipedia
The 'living fossil' coelacanth fish left behind by evolution
Sulawesi Coelacanth

Cone Snails:
The Cone Snail
Cone Shells, Family Conidae
Venomous snails: One slip, and you're dead
Aquarium of the Pacific Cone Snails General Description

Welcome to the Reef Education Network
The Coral Reef Alliance : Welcome to CORAL
NOAA's Coral Reef
Coral Reefs - MarineBio.org
Coral Reefs: Rainforests of the Sea

Honeycomb Cowfish       (Beautiful Photograph's)
Cowfish,Lactoria cornuta
Longhorn Cowfishes, Lactoria cornuta at MarineBio.org
Longhorn Cowfish Facts, Pictures & Habitat Information
Longhorn Cowfish - Wikipedia
5 Interesting Facts About Longhorn Cowfish ~ Hayden's Animal Facts
Longhorn Cowfishes, Lactoria cornuta ~ MarineBio.org
Longhorn cowfish (Lactoria cornuta) ~ thewebsiteofeverything.com
Long-horned Cowfish, Lactoria Cornuta
Longhorn Cowfish
Thornback Cowfish, Lactoria Fornasini - Australian Museum

Introducing the Hermit Crab
Blue Crab Archives
Crab (Brachyura)
Hermit crab - Wikipedia
Crab Identification and Biology | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
Invasion Biology Introduced Species Summary Project - Columbia University
Blue Crab - Fish Facts - chesapeakebay.noaa.gov

Kings of Camouflage
Cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis
Cuttlefish Basics
Cuttlefish Printouts - EnchantedLearning.com

Dolphins and Man.....Equals?
Wild Dolphins
Dolphins Around the World
Mandurah Dolphins
Dolphin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Electric Rays:
Florida Museum of Natural History Ichthyology Department: Pacific Electric Ray
Electric Rays: a Shocking Use of Muscle Power
Electrogenesis in Torpedo Rays
Electric ray - Wikipedia
Pacific Electric Ray at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Species Profiles: Rays
Electric Ray | Fish | Britannica.com

Summer Flounder
Gulf Flounder, Fish Identification
Flounder - Wikipedia
SCDNR - Marine - Species - Southern Flounder
Flounders ~ Marine Biology ~ New Jersey Scuba Diving
ADW: Bothus lunatus: INFORMATION

Goliath Grouper Conservation
Atlantic goliath grouper (Epinephelus itajara)
Gentle Giants
Grouper - Wikipedia
Goliath Grouper
Species Name
FSU Coastal & Marine Laboratory

California Grunion Facts and Expected Runs
California Grunion Run
Meet The Grunion | Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
Grunion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Haddock - Wikipedia
Haddock Facts - Melanogrammus Aeglefinus - ARKive
Haddock Facts
Haddock ~ Britishseafishing.co.uk
New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
Haddock The Local Catch, Inc. - The Best Rhode Island Seafood!
Haddock Facts ~ Health Benefits

7 Reasons Hagfish Are Amazing
14 Fun Facts About Hagfish | Science | Smithsonian
Hagfish - Wikipedia
The Creature Feature: 10 Fun Facts About the Hagfish | WIRED

Saltwater Fish - Halibut
Halibut - Wikipedia
Atlantic halibut videos, photos and facts - Hippoglossus hippoglossus
ADW: Paralichthys californicus: INFORMATION
Pacific Halibut

Herring - Wikipedia
Atlantic Herring Biology: Maine Department of Marine Resources
Herring Biology - Life Cycle
SLA Biomedical & Life Sciences Division Blog: The Herrings
ADW: Clupea harengus: INFORMATION
Herring Facts

Horseshoe Crabs:
The Horseshoe Crab or King Crab
Introduction to the Xiphosura
Horseshoe Crabs, Limulus polyphemus ~ MarineBio.org
Facts About Horseshoe Crabs
Horseshoe Crabs
Horseshoe Crab - National Wildlife Federation
Horseshoe crab - Wikipedia

The JelliesZone - Jellyfish & Other Gelatinous Zooplankton
Introduction to Cubozoa (Box Jellyfish), by UCMP
Nomura's Jellyfish
Moon Jellyfishes, Aurelia aurita ~ MarineBio.org
Alexis's Marine Biology Site
The secret lives of jellyfish : Nature News & Comment
Moon Jelly - Lamar University

Krill Facts - National Geographic
Krill Facts Center - KrillFacts.org
Krill Facts
Antarctic Krill - Euphausia superba - ARKive
Krill Facts - Cool Australia
Facts About Krill - mom.me
Krill - Wikipedia
Animals of the Ice: Antarctic Krill
Antarctic Krill Australian Antarctic Division

Introduction to the Petromyzontiformes
Lamprey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sea Lamprey Biology - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Sea Lampreys, Petromyzon marinus ~ MarineBio.org
Lamprey | Fish | Britannica.com
What is a Lamprey? | Blood Lake | Animal Planet

Lionfish - National Geographic
Lionfish Decimating Tropical Fish Populations, Threatening Coral Reefs
Lionfish Biology Fact Sheet
SCDNR - Marine Species
Pterois - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gulf of Maine Research Institute: Lobster Parts
The American Lobster
Lobster (Nephropidae
Lobsters, Lobster Pictures, Lobster Facts - National Geographic

Manatee Brain
The Magnificent Manatee
Manatee Facts

Mandarin Fish Creature Feature - Diving with Mandarinfish
Mandarinfish, Synchiropus splendidus
Mandarinfish - Wikipedia
ADW: Synchiropus splendidus: INFORMATION
Early Development of the Mandarinfish
Beware of the beautiful but poisonous Mandarinfish - Australian Geographic

Manta Rays:
Manta Rays
Manta ray - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Biology of the Manta Ray
Giant Mantas, Manta birostris ~ MarineBio.org
Manta ID Palau | Biology & Behavior
ADW: Manta alfredi: INFORMATION
Manta Rays - NOAA Fisheries
Manta Ray Research Marine Megafauna Foundation

Blue Marlins Facts - National Geographic
Blue Marlin Facts
Saltwater Fish - Blue Marlin
Marlin - Wikipedia
White Marlin Facts - Kajikia Albida - ARKive
Maryland Fish Facts
Blue Marlin ~ Oceana
Striped Marlin Facts ~ Marlin Magazine
Striped Marlin

Mermaids and Sirens, Symbols of Seduction and Transformation - Northstar Gallery
Mermaid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
PSYC339 - Narrative Identity
Mermaids & Mermen: Facts & Legends
Mermaid | Fandom powered by Wikia
Real Mermaid Life in the Ocean

Monkfish Facts
Lophius - Wikipedia
Maryland Fish Facts
Monkfish Information
Frequently Asked Questions
Monkfish ~ Britishseafishing.co.uk
Anglerfish and Facts - Lophius piscatorius - ARKive
Marine Life Series: Monkfish
What is Monkfish ? - Unlocking the mystery of the Monkfish

Moray Eels:
Moray Eel
Moray Eel Creature Feature - Diving with Moray Eels
Giant Moray Eel
Moray Eel (Muraenidae)

Mullet (fish) - Wikipedia
Species Profiles of Fish and Wildlife in Florida
Mullet Facts
Striped Mullet (Mugil cephalus)
Mugil cephalus :: Florida Museum of Natural History)
ADW: Mugil cephalus: INFORMATION
Mullet Fish Facts

Oarfish - Wikipedia
Oarfish Can Supposedly Predict Earthquakes
Can Oarfish Predict Earthquakes?
Oarfish - Deep Sea Creatures on Sea and Sky
Regalecus glesne :: Florida Museum of Natural History
Giant Oarfish

:::: What's It Like Where You Live? - Temperate Oceans ::::
Earth's Oceans - EnchantedLearning.com
Fun Ocean Facts for Kids - Interesting Facts about the Pacific, Atlantic & Indian Oceans
Ocean Facts, Information, Pictures | Encyclopedia.com Articles About Ocean
How much of the ocean have we explored?
Ocean Facts
Our Ocean 2016

DIVE B.C. - BRITISH COLUMBIA MARINE LIFE (underwater photographs)
Common Octopus
Blue-ringed Octopus "OCEAN TREASURES" Memorial Library

Sea Otter - Defenders of Wildlife
Sea Otter Facts
The Marine Mammal Center : Sea Otter
Sea Otters, Sea Otter Pictures, Sea Otter Facts - National Geographic
Sea otter - Wikipedia

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